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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Is that the Gemtech? How does that go on?
Not sure what brand the supressor is. I got it used in the classifieds. It's got HK trades. That's about all I can tell you. Trades were just engraved when I got it. I filled them in with white crayon.

Originally Posted by Duff_Man_in_CADPATs View Post
I'm hearing a lot of incosistent info re: the velocity on this thing. Some people are saying 400fps, some are saying 350 or whatnot. Can anyone help a bruddah out?
Over an average of 10 shots, my gun chronied at 351.6. Box advertises 330. It shoots hotter than advertised, but not by a whole lot. My JG HK416 is listed as 370 fps, but shoots an average of 425 over 5 shots, with a high mark of 465.5 on one of the shots (could have been a freak reading or chrony error?). Yes, JG do shoot hot. Their metal body MP5s apparently shoot pretty consistently over 400 as well.
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