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Day started off good

Well today could have been better! Four of us jumped into a friends car and started off at noon for the hour and a half drive to Prince George for the CQB game. Around 7pm we noticed it was started to snow so we decided to cut our game short and head home. 10 minutes later we ended up totally my friends car due to the amount of ice. In fact, 6 other accidents were reported due to road conditions before us.

The owner of the car went home with the gear to his pregnant wife who was worried sick along with another member who had to work in the morning and had a worried girlfriend.

I got a ride in the back of an RCMP cruiser along with the other team mate to the hospital due to injuries. We have to spend the night here in PG and then just take the bus home.

The scariest part is we hit with enough force that the dash moved about half an inch over my knees (main injury including back) and yet neither the driver side nor the passenger side airbags went off. So we will certainly be talking to Ford about that one.

Anyways the driver and I were the only ones injured and even my injuries were just muscle damage.

Sunny day turned into a blizzard equals black ice. We slide 20 feet uphill without slowing down, hit the truck, and then bounced back down the hill 10 feet before finally coming to a stop.

Driver and I both have minor muscle type injuries and backseat passengers were both ok.

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