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Originally Posted by kos View Post

I'd save up, and buy a CA M15 if I were you. Very well rounded gun...
I've had pretty limited experience with airsoft guns to date, but no other stock AEG (except my Real Sword T56) has ever given me such a "WOW!" feeling just removing it from the box than my CA M15 rifle. It's heavy (about the same weight as the real thing) and solid. Nothing moves that's not supposed to. There's no creaking, cracking, rattling, etc. And there's no flexing of the body like with an ABS body.

The cosmetic finish is immaculate, and the fibre-reinforced nylon furniture feels both more solid and more realstic than the smooth or textured ABS parts you find on other comparably-priced AEGs.

Its mechbox shell is built like a brick shithouse. I had only seen the internals of TM mechboxes before. When I removed the mechbox from my gun, I knew by its mass this was some serious, heavyweight build compared to the weak TM V2 shells. After over 15000 rounds, the gears were all in great condition and showed no wear. I replaced the spring piston, piston head and cylinder heads with high performance parts, but the stock ones were still in great shape and showed no signs of wear. Only the edge of the tappet plate showed signs of wear.

So yeah, I highly recommend the M15 as a god reliable gun.
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