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I would definitely recommend saving the extra cash and getting a Jing Gong instead. They don't cost a whole lot more, and you end up with a perfectly useable gun out of the box that's 100% compatible with any replacement TM part on the market should it break. Yeah, they could use metal bushings, a cleaning and regreasing of the mechbox, and a proper shim job to get optimal performance and durability, but even stock, they'll hold up quite well.

As for the Kraken, I think it's a decent gun for the price - probably the best deal in airsoft guns you'll find in Canada. Yeah, it has its shortcomings (clear plastic in many cases, badly shimmed & greased gearbox, crap battery), but it's still useable out of the box. And in the right hands, it makes for an awesome upgrade platform. You can end up with a full metal / wood Kraken with upgraded internals that will outperform and outlast any stock TM for about the price of a stock TM.
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