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Quick answers:

Originally Posted by StevenDiep View Post

1. Is it possible for me to get an airsoft that is 1:1 scale?
All not-gay airsift is 1:1 scale.

2. Can airsoft guns in Canada have metal and coloured parts? I really do not want an airsoft made out of clear plastic like what I find in the local walmart!
Wal-Mart is gay airsoft. While airsoft guns can have coloured parts, most of us prefer solid black. Many people have full metal airsoft guns.

3. Can I buy said airsoft guns in #2 in stores and not on the internet?

4. I would like to buy from Classic Army? Is that a good brand?

5. Approximately how much money will it cost for a beginner to start. That would probably include an airsoft (say Classic Army M15A4), a handful of BBs and other requirements.
About $1,000.

6. Do most airsofts use 6mm or 8mm BBs? Or are both of them used equally?
6mm .20g, .25g, .28g BB's. Not the shitty .12's in Wal-mart. Those will break a real airsoft gun.

Thanks for your responses.
Your welcome.

Now, please have a read of these threads. They will answer a lot of your questions.

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