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There is a part of me that is tempted (when the time comes) to just throw them in the same box as my kids toys.
Mix them up with the toy pirates swords and plastic cowboy guns and space guns and metal toy cars etc.
Throw all the original boxes away.
Remove the fake bullets from the SIG mags and throw them in too (so that it is obvious the bullets aren't real. I can always put them back inside the mags later.
BBs could get wrapped up with my clothes, M4 mags (metal) could be included in my tools.
Scopes, lasers etc could just go in with the camping stuff.
If they decide to take them off me (assuming they find them) then so be it.
Maybe I could print off some guns and prices from a Canadian Airsoft Shop and include that to prove that I could buy them over in Canada (so why would I assume I couldn't bring my own in).
I don't think I will mention 'Airsoft' anywhere on my boxes.
It seems like that word might be misunderstood by official or cause more investigation than I would like.The guns will have no batteries in them (or BBs or mags) and you would have to be pretty stupid to believe them to be capable of firing real bullets.

Are most of the Airsoft guns over there either Marui or Classic Army ?
Do you not have any cheap chinese clones from such manufacturers as D Boys, cyma, A&K, Jing Gong etc ?
Are you not able to order from the likes of RSOV or Red Wolf to get better prices ?
Can you give me the websites of some reputable Canadian Airsoft shops (Ideally in Ontario) that I might be able to print off some prices and information from ?
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