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Originally Posted by Cushak View Post
Was that a bone stock mechbox or had you re-greased it? That's a huge variation of speeds, I'm wondering; did anybody notice there JG was more consistent when it was re-greased?

I haven't opened the mechbox yet. Gonna wait till I get some metal bushings before I downgrade the spring. When I do I'll clean and regrease it at the same time as I do the other stuff. I don't plan on gaming this thing anytime soon anyway.

Well, other than 2 of the 5 shots being off (one being low, and the other stupidly high), the rest were pretty consistent at around 425 plus or minus 8 fps, which is pretty consistent (+- 1.9%) . The 414.13 one was a bit low, but it's that 456.5 that surprised the shit outta me. That's really high.

I can imagine with a weaker spring, metal bushings and a good shim and regrease job, it would be much more consistent.
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