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I just recently moved back to Canada from HK (stayed for 7 years).

When I came back I containered everything. I had accumulated a large amount of clothing, electronics, and furniture. With a family of 4 that would mean that I had probably accumulated a little too much stuff (now i know why my house is so full).

Anyways. At the time I wasnt even aware of the rules. I simply packed away everything into boxes and sent my container. I declared Furniture, home electronics, clothing, cooking utensils, appliances etc. Paid my duty and was on my way. The port authorities didn't even open my container. I could have had 50 refugee's, a tonne of cocaine etc (probably not they had dogs).

In hindsight, I should have brought my guns with me. I see you having these options.
  1. Tell the truth, declare them, bring them. In whole or taken apart.
  1. Bring them, don't declare them. up to you if you want to play dumb or not

The customs form tells you that you must declare, firearms, drugs (Rx etc), Food, contraband (ivory etc). If does not tell you that you must declare a replica firearm. If they question you about the airsofts. Tell them "It wasnt on the list of things that I had to declare, I didn't think anything of it". If they press the questions. Tell them it's a SPORT.

3. Claim they are REAL firearms declare them and bring them. Treat and store them as real steels. It's easier to get real firearms into the country than airsoft. This only applies to weapons that are not banned or prohibited in Canada likely your GBB's only. HOWEVER, you will need someone in the country with the requisite liscence to bring them in for you.

4. Have your mates mail them to you when you land.
5. Mail them ahead of time to friends/family.

PS. Are silencers still legal in England. When I was last their it was considered poor manners if you didn't own and use one when hunting.
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