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Originally Posted by Stu View Post
I do have quite a few Sig mags with fake bullets in so I guess they will have to stay behind.
What about the rest of my stuff ?
M4 high cap mags, scopes, lasers, Assault vests, camo clothes, perhaps even a few bags of BBs.
Would this stuff be ok with customs ?
What should I put on the box ? Would 'Airsoft equipment' confuse the customs guys ? I guess I could say 'paintball equipment' if that might be more acceptable to them or just include the stuff in with the kids toys and class them all as toys.
Yeah, sell any estetic mags....or they WILL get seized by the the boys at customs (and you'll be flaged by them for future import/exports). As for the rest of your list, label it as 'paintball equip' and you should have no problems. The BBs.....all good with customs, but ship them in a seperat box from the 'paintball equip', otherwise you might confuse customs a little more than you'd like. Nothing beats having your stuff held up at customs for 30 plus days because the contents is "questionable".

BTW; good luck with your move, and hope to see you at the games.
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