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Moving from the UK to Ontario

Hi there,
I'm sorry to bother you all but I am hoping that if I post my question on here then I can get clarification on what I believe to be true, although I'm kind of hoping that I'm wrong to be honest.
I kind of asked this question on here a while back (probably jumping the gun a bit - parden the pun) and I got some great advice. However, I know that the law can sometimes change for the better over time and so I was hoping for up to date comments.

Within the next 12 months I am hoping to emigrate from the UK to Ontario, along with my Wife and 2 young children. I have been Airsofting (in the UK) for nearly 20 years and enjoy it very much.
As you can imagine I own a few Electric Rifles, Gas Blowback Pistols and a couple of spring bolt action Rifles. All of my guns shoot below 328 fps (the max for the UK). I also have a chinese Claymore Mine (Bought from rsov) and a number of magazines, lasers and combat vests etc.

When I move to Canada I would like to be able to bring as much of this stuff over as is possible.
I suspect that my moving company will have no idea as to where I stand with the above so I was hoping you might be able to help me.

My worst case scenario (unless you tell me otherwise) is that I can legally pack up and take everything except the actual guns. Not sure about the Claymore mine ?
How might I label the boxes up ?
If I simply put Airsoft stuff (No guns) would that be enough for Customs ?
If you feel I could take the guns as long as I placed some type of legal description of what they are with them then where could I get such information ? Long shot but worth asking I think.
Would I need some information to include in with the mags, scopes, lasers etc ?

As much as I would love to hear that I can take my guns I suspect you will confirm what I suspect to be true, in that I can't.
What do you think about the spring operated Claymore mine and the rest of the items I have mentioned (other than the actual guns) ?

Any comments would be well recieved. One day I would love to play Airsoft in Ontario. It would be nice if I didn't have to build up my kit from scratch.

Kind Regards,

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