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Originally Posted by dragwindsor View Post

I noticed that I had to aim a little high using the stock iron sights, but it shot nice and straight.
Dont forget to adjust your hopup!

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Just received mine. HOLY HOTSHIT BATMAN!! This thing shoots HOT....


Average: 430.4

Looks like this thing needs a new spring....

And thought I would add - the rails on mine have some pretty sharp edges. I don't think it would be too hard to get cut on them. I'll be hitting them with a dremel to smooth off the sharp parts, and definitely getting some rail covers.
Im glad you enjoy Crunch, its a good gun, once you get a weaker spring in there you'll notice a little kick up in the ROF but nothing that you should worry about. About those rails though, yeah some people have said that they can be somewhat sharp. I was lucky with mine as it had no real sharp edges at all. Your right though, a simple dremeling will fix it all.

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