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Originally Posted by jlarsen View Post
Lou Dobbs? Mexican lover? WTF? No, I didn't tell CNN jack shit. The truth will come out at his trial.

What does this have to do with Mexicans? Are Canadians suddenly racist too? Why do Canadians care enough about Mexicans to be trashing them?

Sorry I don't watch CNN, I use their website, but just for news, I don't waste my time with all that crap where some idiot that works for the news station sits their and interviews people in a biased fashion and spouts his/her opinion about what's going on.
lol it has nothing to do with mexicans!!! It was my ironic comment of Lou dobbs who I roll my eyes at whenever he is on tv. He is the opposite of mexican lover.

lol You have a funny way of reading things, twisting them and then flying off the handle claiming racism. Halarious tool to add internet drama or it could be a trolling tactic to generate more responses and your story is made up.

I quote myself "probably Lou Dobbs that mexican lover lol. " hmm how do you get "canadians are racist" from that is beyond me??????

notice the lol in my quotes above? In fact the American Mexicans hate him because he wants to build his dumb fence to keep them out. BUT Lou Dobbs would be a good person to email your "true story of what really happened when the guy shot his child lol" to because he is a crazy old man who like to bash the government and American legal system and often runs stories of how the American government and legal system is "Broken".

I did not say I hate mexicans or canadians hate mexicans this comes from your warped mind. It is americans like you and Lou dobbs who hate mexicans and try to keep them out by using your stupid fence but work them to death and pay them below minimum wage. Then you shoot your children with airsoft and try to claim you are innocent victims. Dumbasses.

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