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My Intro thread

Hey ASC,

I just want to introduce myself real quick.

I've been surfing the forums since '03 when I was 18, unfortunately couldn't afford to get into it, but thats not much of a problem now

I just want to say I'm really hoping I get to an event over the summer, maybe someone wants to show me around so I don't seem like some random stranger.

Anyway, I just got my first gun, a KSC Glock 17, which Ken from 007 was nice enough to upgrade to full metal. I know that buying a pistol for your frist airsfot gun is sometimes looked down upon, but I've always loved pistols and waited a long time for it, so I just had to. Btw, a quick note on Ken, best experience I've had in buying anything ever, airsoft related or not. Hopefully will get my AEG very soon, so I can start getting into the real action.



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