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Oh were to start.

#1. People who don't call hits went its obvious to a blind man (IE the flinchers who say "you never hit me" after they jumped and almost crapped themselves).

#2 People who piss and moan about CBSA and the government making airsoft hard to buy, but never have the balls to do anything about it. If your gonna piss and moan about it, Write it down, Put it in a fricken envelope, put a stamp on it and address it to the minister of justice or someone like that. Pissing and moaning on here does nothing.

#3 Spawn Cheaters. You know. The guy who's on the team that gets 2 spawns, but figures since no one has kept track of his spawns he can sneak in another one.

#4 Hot guns + Close range + Full auto = GO SLAP YOURSELF. You wouldn't like it done to you, don't do it to others, Either put it on semi or use a secondary (perferably secondary)

#5 Dead-walking. If your not dead, don't pretend to be.

#6 Dead men can speak????? It drives me up the fricken wall when you get the most ultimate stealth kill and no one else knows where you are. Then buddy walks back to the spawn or his buddies and goes "hey guys theres a guy down there" and before you can blink 5 guys come and take you out.

#7 Deliberate head shots. Yes it happens every once in a while. You panic and shoot or its the only shot you have. But if you have the chance please aim lower. (refer to #4)

#8 Dead/Spectators calling targets. If your not alive or not partaking in that game on a team, please shut up!

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