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Don't believe everything you read, especially in a biased American news source.

Oh, the story is true, but it comes with a shit-ton of spin.

I know "Billy Joe" personally. He's gone by Bill for the past 20 years.

Anyway, what the newspaper won't tell you is that the gun he used was one of the low-end spring loaded Airsoft guns (the cheap 2 in a packet for $8.00 ones with the red plastic tips), not the CO2 powered ones. The newspaper also doesn't mention that he (Bill) was engaged in a little one-on-one battle with an adult friend of his, and that his son thought it would be fun to join in the game and ran around the table with the friend that was getting shot at. It wasn't until the third time that his boy got hit that he asked his dad to stop shooting, and he did.

The reason he answered the door in his underwear is that he was napping during the day when the cops started pounding on his door. Here in the U.S. you don't take the time to get dressed (if you happen to be undressed) when the police are pounding on your door, you get up and answer it as quick as you can unless you want your door busted down and cops rushing in with weapons drawn.

I'm not saying that what he did wasn't in poor judgement, or that the incident should go completely unpunished, but:

Do you really think a family should be broken up and a man sent to prison for FIVE years (that is what he is facing) for an incident of poor judgement. I'm sure parents have given their children worse welts with paintball guns, or even spankings, and get away with it every day.

I really thought Canadians had more common sense, but then again you were only getting one-side of the story.

The city judge of 30 years just resigned and the local prosecutors are using this case to test the limits of the new judge (my opinion, of course).

If any of you still think he deserves 5 years prison time, I'll gladly trade you places, you can come here to the U.S. and vote for whichever candidate George Bush endorses, if you believe that breaking up families and hard time in prison is preferable to something like community service and family counseling, you should fit right in living in the Nazi-esque police state that the U.S. is becoming while I seek refuge in Canada at least for a while before it follows our lead.

The comments I'm reading on this board are virtually indistinguishable from the ones the local paper's website was recieving from some of the inbred rednecks around here, the people that think homosexuals should have to register with the government, marijuana use causes demon possesion, and (ironically) that the only acceptable way to discipline a child is to spank them.
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