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Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
thanks for the input and possible problems. I wasn’t planning on a mass production style shop simply a couple machines that I could run when not working making maybe 2 guns a month so nothing large scale. Now I knew there would be present legal problems and was planning on inquiring about a permit to do this. and as I say if I can get a CNC mill I'm golden because I know how to do the required cad drawings to make the parts but as you guys have said the legal problems are plentiful with the copyright issue and buying such rights would be very costly
You seem to be a smart, honest, hard working guy, if you are ever seriously going to build parts give me a PM and we'll talk about a partnership.

There are ways around the trademark issue which is to simply not include any. Many people may gripe but personally I think a gun looks cleaner without trades. You can make your own trades such as "SUPER NEIL_N .50 ACP".

The design of the actual parts may or may not be patented or trademarked. There are things you can do to get around these legal issues. Building a part or some select parts would be quite profitable and legal. Assembling them and building all of the parts that constitute a replica gun not legal.


I'm sure you can make scads of money making body mods/conversion kits to turn "X" gun into a working storm trooper blaster, guns for sci-fi movies etc.
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it would appear I am not first up in this gang-bang
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