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Originally Posted by steve21 View Post
ok i send few emails...but just wanna know if i got some airsofter in my town? im from saint-hyacinthe...anybody??...who is the local rep?
For your location, you have limited options:

-Montreal / Laval-
Dominic (Fox_111) - ASC Private Message
Patrick (Aper) -
Pius (bruce) -

If you didn't message those guys, then you're shit outta luck.

And dude, for your own good, read the FAQ and info threads before making and new threads. You'll find that pretty much any question you may have will be answered therein. If you post a thread asking for info that'd readily available, you'll get little or no help, and probably just get flamed like crazy. ASC members don't like to spoon-feed info to noobs when the info is all right there at their fingertips.
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