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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
This new age verified thing for 'shootsoft' is really confusing, and you need to make it more clear..

It's not confusing at all. Actually, it's about as basic and simple as you can get. If you're not age-verified through ASC, you can't buy from them. It's that simple. There aren't any confusing policies or rules in place. It's pretty straightforward. I agree with this policy. It has a couple of good points.

First, it guarantees that all his customers are 18+, as they should be. I honestly don't think that there should be an easy way for kids to be able to accquire an airsoft gun without their parents being involved in the process or knowing about it. It's just like you can't just walk in to Canadian Tire and buy one of their airguns if you're not 18. And this policy will guarantee that.

Secondly, he doesn't have a store that's open to the public. That makes LeGros no different than any of the other vendors that peddle their wares in the classified section here on ASC. They choose to deal only with age-verified members, and that's perfectly fine by me. I'm sure he can keep his business going quite nicely with just the sales he gets from ASC members alone. It allows him to keep providing us with decent guns at a reasonable price, make some money in the process (the point of running a business in the first place), all without attracting undue scrutiny from law enforcement that could easily access his site otherwise. The only difference is that shootsoft has an online store front with payment system built in, whereas other vendors (for the most part) deal privately through the forum with EMTs.

Personally, I think this second point will probably help ensure some longevity for the business. With the bleak landscape we're currently seeing with Canadian airsoft, any vendor, even one that deals privately such as shootsoft, is more than welcome in my book.

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