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You seem to know what you are talking about in terms of construction of the items.

One of the problems that you may run into is that you are not allowed to include the trades of any of the guns as that would be illegal (you don't have a license to do so). It goes further in that the design of the receiver is also patented and registered to the real steel maker.

Next you would be manufacturing a prohibited item (the lower receiver). The sum of the parts would also constitute a prohibited device. Unless you had a separate machine shop, business etc for each part and operated another company to assemble the parts which would still be illegal (to assemble). OR owned the shop and rented it to several different business that built a couple of the parts. However final assembly still illegal, lower receiver still illegal.

I believed there was a loophole somewhere in the NAFTA agreement that allowed completely made in USA airsofts into the country but I am likely wrong on this. There could also be exemptions for being on treaty land (again i'm unsure and likely wrong).

It is perfectly legal for you to build some of the parts of an airsoft for sale, but not all of them, and you cannot assemble them.
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