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I just fielded my HK416 yesterday after Matt and Dave swapped out the spring at FR Indoors. (Thanks alot guys)

I chrony'd 408 fps with .20's, 350-380 fps with .25's on the stock spring.
After putting in what is believed to be a m100 spring, it chrony'd 340-350 fps with .20's and 310-320 fps with .25's.

It fired 12 bps through the crony.

I had alot of fun with my 416. Feels awesome, sounds nice. good grouping after the hop-up was adjusted.

No problems feeding, except SOMETIMES the first round would double.

I noticed that I had to aim a little high using the stock iron sights, but it shot nice and straight.

The only negatives I have to say is the pistol grip feels a little cheap, my front RIS wobbled a bit (I fixed this by putting a small amount of tape on the tab that comes from the upper receiver RIS and into the front RIS ), this put a VERY small downward angle on the RIS, very small but now the gun is very solid.

This is my first AEG so I can't offer advanced information, just what I've experienced.

All in all, this AEG is quite awesome, no complaints at all. I'll definitely buy another JG.

Thanks for reading
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