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A canadian airsoft gun maker

iv noticed that most air soft guns come from Asia in general but my question is there any law against a Canadian company making air soft guns? The reason I ask is that Iím going to college to do my machinist and tool and dye course and if the opportunity presented itself was thinking of getting the rights and equipment to make Canadian made TM's or CA's. This isnít an extremely unlikely idea either as most of the receiver parts could be made using a small table top style cnc milling machine witch can be acquired for around 3-4000$ and as for the internals there is no law against importing the gearboxes mags ect as far as I now so the only parts that would need to be made by the proposed company would be the upper and lower receiver possibly the mag depending on the style and if the problem presented itself the outer barrel shroud. And as for the grip and stock they could be made using an injection moulding process or for a custom touch Carbon fibber. Tell me any legal problems you know of if possible and understand that this is an idea and not a carved in stone plan.
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