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1. Outside in fields or forests, where no one is around on special areas with insurance for the players, such as action commando, a paintball field in Montreal. It is frowned upon and illegal in most cases to just play in the woods behind your house.
2. Inside paintball arenas
3. There are no 'airsoft only' buildings, there are no companies in Canada that will insure airsoft only fields, the price is too high, and it is in a grey area in Canada, itís not illegal, but itís not legal.
4. Factories (for example the mill in Montreal) always played on private property, never on public property (usually the buildings are owned by paintball or a fellow airsofter).
In Canada they are not allowed to have official airsoft buildings because of the fact that airsoft is not an accepted sport. Therefore the price to have the place for this sport is very, very high. The sport is not an illegal sport; it is just not accepted in Canada. The government decided not ban it completely to make the airsofters happy, but that also decided to make it very hard to play.
For the guns, 0.20g bbís speed: 350fps max indoors, 400 max outdoors for standard players, 450-500 for snipers, depending on the field and players involved

Must be in uniform, some sort of camo, usually multicam or woodland for c.q.b.. Desert, woodland or black wear for outside. The blacks usually go on both teams.

Must wear goggles or a mask at all time, mask vary depending on where the game is taken place,.

Must be over 18 to play. If you are under 18 and they field that the game is on will let you play, your parents have to be with you at all time no matter what. The game is a sport not a babysitting place.

Must call your hits (when shot must say youíre dead and wait for the next round, unless specified not to)

Must bring good sportsmanship.
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