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1. There is the organiser, whose like a king, running the whole show, watching over the players, making sure things run smoothly, usually not joining in on the game, but acting as a ref, incase there are arguments between players, if anyone is hurt, to help with medical attention. The organizer charges for games ($25-$60), and make sure everyone has a good time
2. They are team leaders or captains, who have websites, organizes who is in there team, usually by there play style and camouflage, giving there team a unique look and style, so that they are recognizable.
3. They are lower players (subordinates), who follow there captains rules, there captain usually helps with things, letting everyone know who is coming to the game on there team.
4. They are independent players, who have no team, either because they disagree with local teams, or just prefer to be able to play with anyone in any way they feel.
5. Snipers, not everyone can be one, you have to show respect to the other players, and people usually have to know you well, sniping is a privilege. Since most guns are shooting over 450 fps, they donít allow anyone. There are engagement distances for snipers, usually no closer than 100 feet, because they can seriously hurt a player, breaking teeth or piercing the skin. You have to be known by other players, because they wonít trust just anyone with a powerful gun to be shooting them at close distances.
6. Newbieís and players under 18. Newbie is a term for someone new to the sport. Usually on ASC (airsoft Canada) forums, they ask a lot of dumb questions that have been answered countless times before. (Players bellow 18 years old arenít allowed to play because they donít show maturity and for legal reasons, they cannot obtain a gun themselves legally, therefore other players and fields donít allow them to play.)

The organizer is a key asset to the game because without him there is no game. One organizer in the community is Testtube he works with some people who own the mill in Beauharnois (30 mins from Montreal). He plans the events and makes sure only a certain amount of people show up. The hard thing about being an organizer is someone always has a problem with the game and how things are running and the rules of the games. It takes some time to organize the games and you have to be very committed to the sport. A lot of the scenarios that Testtube come up with are: attack/defend, POW (Prisoner of war, you have to take a prisoner, usually itís Ronan), objectives, search and rescue, and vip escort (very important person is bringing from one place to another without him being shoot)
Snipers are very important players to the game because they can help out a lot in different missions and simulations taking place in the sport. Not a lot of people play this position because itís expensive to get the gun, and you have to have a very good aim and be known by everyone in the small little community. In the airsoft community there is one sniper called cnd_stalker, he is respected in the community and is a good sniper. He is not a sniper in every game he goes to; he plays about 3 or 4 games as a sniper a year. Snipers arenít always shooting people; they also get recon assignments (gathering information on the enemy) and send it back to home base.
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