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1. Read the faq (frequently asked questions) and the airsoft forums on the web site. (
2. After games they usually go out and have food, or when there big outdoor games they have a party afterwards.
3. Before the games you have to suit up, and get ready, maybe show off your gun and other artifacts.
4. The organizer always runs down the rule and scenarios of the game before you start.
The faq’s are very good for newcomers to the sport, it tells you everything and anything you need to know about the sport, for example you can’t ship guns from over the border without the proper licence. The forums are also good because it shows you what is going on in the community and how it can affect you. Also it shows different events going on in the world that are important to the community. The forums can also lead you to people selling parts or wanting to buy parts also. Lastly the forums are a good place to introduce yourself and to get to know everyone that plays the sport.
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