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1. Army pants ( or camo)
2. Army shirt (or camo)
3. Boots
4. Guns ( for example I have a tactical force mp5 replica with a flash light and scope)
5. Mask or goggles (balistic rated goggles, paintball masks are fine)
6. Vest (varies depending on your setup) the vets usually has multiple pouches to carry anything and everything needed for a game.
7. Magazines (mags is what we call them)
8. Hat for the winter
9. Extra clothing
10. Water bottle canteen or camel back water container
11. Bbs come in 6mm, different weightswhich vary: .2g, .25, .28, .30 and many more. A few rare guns use 8mm bbs.
12. Extra guns
13. Always carry extra equipment just in case
14. Bb loader
15. Batteries or gas (propane)
Guns are a very big part of the sport. The guns are usually face replicas of military style guns. These guns shoot little plastic bbs that can travel anywhere from 230 fps-500fps (Depending on the spring used, barrel type, quality of parts and airseal). An Airsoft gun can be anywhere from 30$ at Canadian tire (also known as softair or crap soft, for the lack of quality and power, which are not recommended and laughed at, when taking this sport seriously) to about 2500$ for a really nice systema a PTW (Systema PTW is a Professional Training Weapon). Most peoples guns vary from 400-1000$ when finished upgrading (mine is about 600$ but still making it better).
The average airsofter has about 2 guns, but some have multiple guns because its good to have a secondary gun at the games, and its nice to have a variety of choice when going to a game, because there are big differences in gun. For example an ak47 does not shot nor has the same feel of a ptw systema.
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