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this is my project, please feel free to comment. it will be in a couple posts because its long.
thanks mia

Ethnography Project
Airsoft, a small subculture
Airsoft is a combat sport, similar to paintball, but very different. The sport uses replica fire arms that shoot plastic BB’s. These guns can be electric, gas or bolt action (manually cock the spring) powered guns. The sport started in Japan in the late 1970s to provide people who collect gun an alternative because it’s illegal to collect real fire arms in Japan. Also it was a good market for the Chinese since a lot of guns are made there. In East Asia the sport is very popular, but in Canada is frowned upon by many people who are not in the airsoft community.
Airsoft is popular because it shows a very big similarity to the real thing, without actually killing or seriously harming a person. The sport started with spring powered guns, then there were gas ones, similar to paint ball. Later they made the electric ones, eliminating the need to carry around a hose and tank to hold the co2. It became popular in North America for the paintballers who wanted a more realistic sport. Airsoft is its own subculture because not very many people play or have even heard of the sport. The sport is taken very seriously by the players, and organizers and sellers of the equipment. The people who play the sport are very helpful to new comers and love what they’re doing, and it makes the sport even more fun and the community around enjoyable. The guns are one to one replicas of the real thing, and all military equipment can be used.
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