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Originally Posted by Vendettaseve View Post
+1 for livingroom combat.
Are thoes BOYS weapons really worth the money, as I have a younger cousin and his parents whom want me to help recommend something for can shooting at the cottage.
I would say DEFINETLY. I bought myself a TM BOYS MP5 a little while back and ended up selling it after I bought my CA M15A4 Carbine(I also needed the cash). Bought mine from Ken when he had special going on ($130 including shipping). The specs of the gun don't do dilligence for what its like on the battlefield. Sure it shoots only around 150 fps but when you got that thing on full auto it doesn't matter and the range is pretty good on the gun to. I would highly recommend these guns as a nice starter gun even if you are up against more powerful ones, even as a veteran in the sport they work as nice cheap, effective side arms.

I remember I got take out by my own BOYS MP5 when I lent it out in a game
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