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Tokyo Seven did a good job in answering your question. However, I want to add some things.

1-2 shipments would probably not be good enough IF I were to do it I would do it in 4+ shipments. You would/should send it via a courier (UPS, FEDEX) which have the clearing houses and prepaid duties/custom charges attached.

Next, most if not all of the major airsoft retailers are on the Customs watch list for varying reasons. Some lie on the declarations form (notably HK dealers). Once you factor in the possibility or very likely hood of your package being opened, inspected, taxed, dutied and handling fee's added you may as well buy one from a CDN retailer.

The cost of doing all of this is high. Considering it's 30-50 dollars a shipment plus custom charges on each shipment you can end up spending 200+ with no guarantee of getting your gun to you.

Support the Canadian Retailers, buy within Canada.

(sic) unless you own a ocean worthy yacht, then you can goto the states/HK and buy your gun and bring it back.
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