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Set me right

I'm sure this question has been answered before... but my internet connection is dodgy (Stupid wireless :banghead: ) but I seem to remember that parts of the Airsoft "replica" are legit to bring in, pretty much everything but the mag well, silencers, and mags with dummy bullets. ( I'm sure there's a couple others, but whatever)

My question is this: Do you think that if the AEG were disassembled, placed into 1 or 2 boxes, say one with the internals and the other with all the body parts minus the receiver. Then sent to myself in Canada by a friend in the states. Do you think that would be allowed.
(tangent) I'm not trying to 'get away with it' because I'm sure that some one has 'Gotten away with it' and I want to be legal.

Now as far as the receiver goes I could order one from Redwolf for $60 Shipping included, or find the receiver at one of the Canadian retailers...

Any way, thanks for reading and for your knowledge!
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