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Suggestion For Airsoft Canada

Hey everyone.

Ive been searching around for projects and such, just browsing really, and then I headed over to arnies, and realised they have a dedicated project section, and thought, "Hey, if they can have one, and it makes life easy for people to just go there to get idea's for projects and just look at what others are working on, why not us too? And wouldnt it cut back on how many newer people (myself included) ask about projects on this or that?". Now, not that there's anything WRONG with Airsoft Canada Forum, but I just kinda figured what the hell and thought I would put it out there. And the way I see it, if enough people respond to this enough, maybe that would maybe be enough incentive to do it.

Just a suggestion thought, dont flame me for it, and its not like im complaining and saying it sucks we dont have it and other forums are better for having it, I just think it might make things a little more conveinent for those of us who are looking for certain projects or whatever.


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