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Ebaybanned - Multicam Field Shirt & Pants R6 style Uniform Set

Hi all!

I just received my MultiCam replica from EBayBanned :

First of all, I'm not able to compare against the real MC from Crye Precision since I never had MC before today.

Second, all the opinions you will read from this text is from a newbie vision since I'm relatively new to this Hobby/Sport.

Third, French is my primary language.

So let's go :

EbayBanned :

Never had any problems with Paul. I somehow thought problems where going to happen since the status of my order never changed from the day I pressed on "checkout" buttons and the day I received my package.

All items will be shipped within 24-48 hours after your payment is cleared (excluding weekend and holidays). Normally the package will arrive in 7 to 14 days. Buyers will receive our email notification once the item is shipped.
But finally, I received my package without any problems.

Package :

Shipped air mail from Hong Kong for 0$...
The package was a bit too tight for my BDU + tactical goggles. A bit of plastic on my goggles bend but nothing to complain.

Price :

You can't beat the price of this kit. 49US$ shipped to your door without any customs fees/taxes, this is very nice!

Quality :

It's a china replica so there is some minor defects but once again, nothing to complain. The velcro is solid. The interior of the BDU is white/tan ; I already had problems with cheap BDU from China that had the white interior (A sign that the color won't last long) but this one seems better. You can see a color difference where knee pad and elbow pad should go, the tissue is not same.

Against CADPAT

I already own a Frontenac CADPAT BDU. The MC BDU is heavier and bulkier than Frontnac's BDU. The CADPAT BDU is WAY more flexible than de MC.

Against real MC :

I will try to compare with real MC as soon as I can find a genuine MC BDU. But from now, this photo is taken from my living room with light coming from the windows.

On the field :

Coming soon...

Pictures :

Pros :

- Good quality, looks solid.
- Color looks like real MC (from what I saw)

Cons :

- Minor defects.
- Color difference where knee pads and elbow pads should go.
- Must be careful when you wash it ; ask your mom and/or wife.

I will update this review as soon as I play some games with my BDU.

Hope this helps!

P.M.C. - Prostituée Militaire de Campagne.
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