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No need to involve CBSA, leave it up to a shoddy packaging job and the tender loving care of Canada Post...

That's what happens when a torn open shoe box get taped back into a shoebox'ish shape, stuffed with a medium sized CS95 and a pair of kneepads, taped some more to keep it together'ish since it is bursting at the seams then sent its merry way.

I carried that piece of art back home using a much more appropriate 15" x 8" x 11" 2nd hand box in order to keep the aforementioned package in "near mint condition" so I could share those pics.

For those looking for "whodunnit" clues :

Who are we ? We are the largest army-navy surplus dealer in the country. We also manufacture and import military style clothing .

At least, my stuff made it :

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