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Stupid People in Brooks

Well I just opened the paper today. Inside I see that a man was charged for pointing a gun at a McDonald’s drive-thru attendant. Goes to show that these idiots come from all over.
Just thought some people might be interested. Hopefully some noobs read this and take note of the trouble one can get into when being stupid with airsoft. Anyways here is what the paper printed.

[ Kylle Edwards Ost, 19, pled guilty to and amended charge of possession of a weapon after he admitted to discharging an air gun during an incident with a fast food drive-thru attendant.
The court heard that on October 27, 2007, Ost was in a truck at the McDonald’s drive-thru when he raised a replica 9 mm Beretta air pistol in a threatening manner towards the attendant.
The restaurant employee recognized the pistol to be a replica and told Ost not to do anything foolish with the gun.
Ost then proceeded to lower the weapon before he raised it again, firing at the restaurant and causing minor damage.
Crown prosecutor Stephanie Cleary said that Ost had been recently given probation on another offence when this incident occurred and she believed the offence was serious enough, and coming so close after his previous conviction that the accused deserved jail time.
Defense lawyer Rick Riggins agreed with the stated facts but asked that the accused be given a fine in the range of $1,500 since he had recently become employed in Calgary.
Judge Brand responded, “ I can’t tolerate this , a signal has to be sent”
Ost was then sentenced to two months in jail and taken into custody.
He is also prohibited from possession of weapons for five years.]
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