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Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
no need to get mad at him dont want this turning into an argument thred (why iv up and left a few forms each year) so pleas dont let your anger destroy an otherwise mosly polite thred
Sorry. I wanted to rant because I feel like shit after taking 11 courses (5 being provincial exam courses) (Plus it's term 2 so I was kind of pissed).

Anyways I would have liked to play ice hockey but my family was kind of poor (being Asian immigrant's who escaped communism) and all, and they had to work (I heard practices were sometimes 5 in the morning or earlier). I also would have really liked to join a dragon boat team, which I did last year but it kind of fell apart this year because we didn't have a coach or people who wanted to join.

So I think that cadets is a good program that has lots of potential, but hasn't even reached it, in fact I think the level is going down, they've basically hit the glass ceiling. The only good thing is that I can get a pilots license from it (but I haven't done that, and I'm actually planning to go to the Air Ops. course this summer).
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