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Originally Posted by BrickHouse View Post
In this day and age of kids doing nothing put play video games and listen to hip-hop the army cadets still sounds like a good option for some younger teens.

Personally I picked provincial football.
oh yes its a wonderful program but its gone sour in the last couple years at least out here kids marchin with thier elbows bent (that drives me insane) and having no motivation what so ever the officers dont crack down on it no matter how pathetic the drill is you will get a "good job you guys are perfect yay lets go have cookies!!" its a sad sight really i can see the point to raise the kids spirits but praise shouldent be awarded for nothing it should be earned

at my squadron first few days of the year these two new kids had to sit to the side and watch so they played shots and were cussin on parade and nobody did anything its shameful really

sports programs are excellent as well for kids as it gets them not only part of a team but it gets them active
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