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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
That's false.

It's anything under $20. Previously, items marked as $60 or less are allowed tax free if marked as a gift.

It could be raised to $80 now, I'm not sure - last I heard, it was $60.

But as a non-gift, it's only exempt if under $20.

They don't. Check their rate schedule for brokering - it's on par with almost all other brokerage services. You only hear about so many stories because UPS is deeply ingrained in north american businesses, which result in more stories because... they're just used more. Simple as that. They have great logistics systems and solutions, and if you check the cost of their services, they're actually generally cheaper than all other couriers except for government-subsidized services (such as USPS or Canada Post.)
oh yeah. now i remember, it has to be marked as a "gift". IMO there's too many "gifts" that are over $60 rendering the $60 mark almost pointless. Brian, you are brilliant.
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