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Originally Posted by BBS View Post
IIRC, anyhting under $60 won't be taxed.
Someone should tell that to USP. A couple of years ago, I ordered a tuner pedal for my guitar on ebay. The auction listed that they shipped USPS only, so I bought it for $37 US, which was roughly $45 CDN. I already know about UPS's crazy charges, so I never buy anything from abroad shipped UPS.

Well, about a week later, the UPS guy shows up at my place with my package and it was correctly valued at $37 US. And the UPS guy requires me to pay $40 Cdn for customs, duties and brokerage. Needless to say, I refused delivery and made alternate arrangements with the seller.

But the point being, UPS does charge customs and brokerage on EVERYTHING from abroad, no matter what the value.
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