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Most airsoft-specific cylinder greases made by high end aftermarket companies (think Systema, Phoenix and Prometheus) are white, super slippery and are lighter in weight than Tokyo Marui, G&P, Classic Army or any of the other OEM greases. Airsoft-specific cylinder greases are finer and greasier than lithium grease (I've found.)

The best set of airsoft grease I've seen and used so far is the Prometheus one. It's based off one main grease and comes with a thinner as well as a thickener which allows you to adjust the viscosity level of the grease for the particular application you're using it for:

Prometheus PRO GRESS Gear Grease with Additives Set
- Gear Grease with 2 Types of Additives.
- User can create different mixtures for wider usage with different mixing ratios.
- 4-Compartment Container Included for keeping Mixtures.

Gear Grease
- Wide Working Temperature Range.
- Highly Lubricative and Long Lasting.
- Corrosion Resistant.
- Suitable for Heavy Duty Parts ( Gears / Gear Shafts / Reverse Latch / etc )

Oil Additive
- Mix with Gear Grease for lowering viscosity.
- Mixture suitable for High Speed Moving Parts ( Piston Rail / Pistol Slide Rail / Metal Bushings )
- Usage: Mix Oil ( Approx. 3-5% Volume ) with Gear Grease, Greater amount of oil forms lower viscosity mixture.
- NOTE: High amount of oil may cause mixture last shorter.

Powder Additive
- Flatten tiny hole on metal surface for lowering friction
- Mixture with Gear Grease suitable for High Speed, High Wearing Moving Parts ( Tappet Plate / Polished Gearbox Inner Surface )
- Usage:
Mix Powder ( Approx. 3-5% Volume ) with Gear Grease for Normal Use
Mix Powder ( Approx. 6-10% Volume ) with Gear Grease for Gear Run-In, wipe mixture with Gear Grease when Finished ( Minor remain is tolerable )

Another good alternative I've used is Tamiya Ceramic Grease.

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