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Originally Posted by CadetCatastrophe View Post
Dont u hate the rank of FCpl?... i got Sgt 2 weeks ago thank god...
I don't really talk or care about ranks anymore, I'm basically aging out in 6 months anyways (unless I get a transfer to some other squadron) so it's kind of useless to give me a rank when I'm leaving.

Also I've kind of found better things to do with my life than listen to some idiots who are younger than me and think their all that because their like 3 ranks above me AND it's seems to be soooo hard to take 8 gr.11 courses and do cadets and stuff, whereas I'm someone taking..... what's that? 11 courses? and in gr.12? AND actually applying to a hard faculty to get into (App. Sc. or ASc.)?
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