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Originally Posted by Spa View Post
Is it true that if the sender sends an item as a gift it won't be taxed or which option is it so you will not get taxed when it crosses the border? and

How does this work exactly? I searched this on the forums but nothing came up.

Your clarification will be greatly appreciated:P
That is not true. There is an upper threshold for the amount of a gift allowed before tax (up to 80$ no taxes). Anything over that and you have to pay at least the GST.

if it is you can get a refund from customs?
Not really. It is possible to get a refund for the duty accessed to an item is incorrectly assessed. However you will never be able to recoup the 5 dollar handling fee if Customs agents inspect your package (even if they access nothing). Nor will you ever be able to have the GST returned if any is accessed. To compound matters the process is incredibly long expect 6+ months wait times and if your appeal fails you are responsible for paying for the time that customs spends resolving your appeal.

I worked for Canada Post When I was a student (great job BTW).

Long story short (unless you want to know the processes) Is that when someone mails you something tell them to be honest on the customs form, and put their home currency on that declaration.

RMA's, Warranties, and commercial samples are exempt. However, if they are inspected or deemed to be in excess punitive fines can be levied.

If you purchase MADE in USA no duty can be accessed only GST.

The only way to completely 100% avoid Tax/Customs is letter mail.
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