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Could you elaborate a bit on what you mean by "some of the grounds"
Plenty of shooting room on the inside, and I believe there is a means to shelter some of the outside allowing for a building breach as part of the game.

I've played the smaller of the two venues twice now, including the crew from Calgary (thanks again guys for letting us tag along). The elementary school is nice enough on its own, simply due to having multi-levels which is head and shoulders better than anything else in the province that I'm aware of.

The hospital, if Al can get it going, is going to be quite the venue. Hospital is essentially a large horseshoe...three wings, 4 levels each. Plenty of room for just random plastic mayhem and skirmishing for those that like CQC. And definately potential for larger scale events/theme games/etc depending on how Al wants to put it all together.

One of the things that the facility DOES have going for it, is location. Lots of hunter types that already congregate around the area, so the locals are usually used to seeing strangers in the town, dressed in camoflage. Smaller rural community, so things are a bit more relaxed than say downtown Vancouver or even downtown Regina. My understanding is that town council has been kept in the loop from the start, and so far, they are quite supportive as well.
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