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Originally Posted by Azathoth View Post
The problem with games in Canada that I can see so far (i've almost played exclusively in HK) is that it's easier for people in the East and West to drive down to the states for games (assuming you can get your gun back into Can). Or for people stateside to come up into the East/West for games.

The country is just too huge for people to travel East/West for games barring large events.

CamoGames Just a question. Are you having problems with getting liscences etc and are you getting any flak from city officials/residents.

I've been thinking of doing something similar in Edmonton (or a loft/condo conversion) of old schools and hospitals can you pm me with your email and maybe I can get some information.
Small town Sask is a lot different then Edmonton, in Sask its not uncommon to have 1/2 the town council on your street and over for BBQ's every month. Or heck you might even be related to several of them.

CG has from what it looks like full blessings of the local community and press, he's run Haunted Houses for a few years for them there, and currently has a Reball business in the building. So Airsoft was a natural progression for him, and in the eyes of the community no different, so a bonus for additional business and traffic.
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