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If you take a look at this picture here

It's for sure that the thinner thread end is the 14mm CCW end. So if you use Microsoft Paint and determine the width of the 14mm CCW end by pixels, it comes out to be 156 pixels. Then you take the thicker end which attaches to the muzzle end and determine the width of that in pixels, it comes out to be 222 pixels.

so you divide the 222 by 156 and you get 1.423.

then you multiply 1.423 by 14mm and you get about 20mm, which is the real size width of the thick end that attaches to the barrel. And I've measured VSR's muzzle end size and it's about 24~25mm. So obviously it don't fit because the muzzle is too big for the adaptor. I wish I could have told you before hand.

Using this method you might be able to find one that fits.
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