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Recent A&A Contacts?

I am wondering if anyone have contacted Mark recently or have had him to order something(restricted) for you in the last 2 month. I've ordered a KJW 1911 from him and paid for it a while back(late Dec), which I believe he sent the order in during 2nd week of Jan. 08. I've contacted him regularly to get update on the order and was told that the items from Hong Kong was sent after the Chinese New Year, and on our last contact (Feb 21) he mentioned that the items are in Canada and in custom at the time. I e-mailed him a few times afterwards though and have not gotten a reply to this day. Now this was my first restricted item order from A&A and I am not too sure how long usually these stuff are going to take. But since my money was paid upfront you can imagine I am getting a bit anxious for not hearing from him. I am wondering if there are others who might be in the same situation and have had more recent exchange that might shed somelight on this?

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