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Originally Posted by Jar|-|ead View Post
I didn't even KNOW that i was part of an ad on page.12 (Xpro Hobby Shop).
It's not the first time that has happened. An "infamous" picture of Morb and Scarecrow at the old DeadLands field has shown up in several mags around the world. One was somewhere around Russia and the title of the article was something like "JTF2 training in Northern Canada"....
Anything that internet surfers can find can (and will eventually) find it's way into school projects, other peoples photo collections, and yes even commercial advertising.
Unfortunatly there really is nothing you can do about it unless you can prove it is actually a picture of you......yadda, yadda, yadda. Just accept that you can do nothing about it, and let your EGO suck it up...... It really is a pain though.

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