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Oh you dammed army cadets. Air rules!11oneone!11eleven (now that thats done).

I suggest that you wait until 18, save that money for your RESP or other investments. PLUS it gives you the advantage of investing your money so you can buy even more stuff when you're older (in 2 years). As for the parents thing usually it's they have to play with you actually on the field not just in the viewing zone, or drop you off and go shopping.

I'm 18 in about 3 months and I'm gonna wait to get age verified (it seems like everyone is saying the best deals are in the Classified section which is age verified only).

The other option is to have your dad age verify for you, buy 2 guns and both play. BUT I think there is a catch about age verifying, he needs to have his own account or be the primary holder of the account (ie. you're not 18 so you can't verify on your current account unless it's under the control of your parents or he makes his own second account so he can track what he's/your buying).

PS: I'm a F/cpl ((which equals M/Bdr) but don't judge my age based on rank) in Vancouver. I've gone to 5 camps 2 Band Camps, Rifle Coaching (I don't consider myself an expert but just knowledgeable), Air Crew Survival (surviving in the bush), and International exchange.
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