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Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
well im curently 16 and soon 17 ... i would be geting my father to buy the AUG for me
Although generally frowned upon, if your dad is going to get this gun for you, be aware that he will be legally responsible for it and what it is used for. And he will have to be present each time it is used. This would mean he would have to attend games with you etc...You seem to be fairly knowledgeable so i trust you understand this and what it means... Also read the FAQ's and info regarding age verification.

Originally Posted by Neil_N View Post
and i have been around guns since i was 5. as for treating the sport respectfuly i have been fully trained with the real m16 (was in cadets) and respect the dangers involved with these real lookng airsoft guns and wouldent endanger the future of the sport So in your responces i ask that you treat my questions with the same respect i will show you and the sport
Good to hear, this sport is ruled by mutual respect, on and off the field and if a new player (especially one under 18) is willing to play by the rules and respect them and understand them then you will be more than welcomed by fellow airsofters.
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Smelly troll is smelly.
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