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Originally Posted by Kwokwai View Post
Holy moley, this is going far back. Who would'a thunk we'd be where we are today?

Heheheh. That was Adrenaline Zone run by Jules I think his name was... were you referring to Andrew Blackburn (sp?)? I think that he was the one with the Ford Contour.
Holy moley is right.

I was part of their team, Genocide captained by Bob, I think someone referred to him as Bagger. We did one tournament, the Canada Open in Montreal, we sucked a@# needless to say. Oh wait, we also did a tourney up at Wasaga, Beach Blast, I think, both tournies I think were in 1996.

Man, this brings back memories as well.

Jules, the gun guy, I bought my first autococker off him, still have it actually.

That place (AZ) was awesome compared to fields at the time.

What ever happened to the guys from AZ? I ran into one of my former teammates at all places, a real estate seminar, Nick was his name.

Anyone in contact with Bob? I still remember how he recruited me to the team. I had organized an outing with some friends from high school.

Two asian brothers that owned AZ. Joel the crippled goalie, he busted up his shoulder up pretty good one time.

I remember Andrew as well, when we were in Montreal, I think he suggested on restaurant and man, they had the best ribs I've ever eaten!

That was a fun tourney needless to say. The stories from the hotel.
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