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Part IV

More on the mags

I'm sure a lot of people wonder how the "last shot lock back" works. The mags have a follower tab that moves up and engages the bolt catch which in turn depresses a switch that cuts off the gun. Once a fresh mag has been inserted all that is needed is to push on the bolt catch and depress the switch again and the gun is ready to fire. Now I am not an expert in electronics or the PTW but I can see this becoming a weak point in the design.

The bolt catch with empty mag in place.

Mag with BBs. Notice the tab at the back of the mag that engages the bolt catch. It is in it's lowest postion with BBs in the mag.

Mag with no BBs. The black thing that looks like a BB is actually the follower. It's hard to tell but the tab has moved up.

The next thing that has been asked is the mags are longer then standard AEG mags. Several companies make standard AEG mags that are correct size as compared to RS and they hang out of the weapon farther and don't look correct. The Systema mags actually seat farther up into the gun and match RS look exactly when inserted into the weapon.

Systema on top Colt on the bottom.

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