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Originally Posted by DefCon 1 View Post
You guys need to spend less time on this thread and more time seeking a girlfriend.

Ask yourselves, if a guy had started this thread, where would it be now.

Yeah that's right, the thrash can.
Weather or not it was a guy or gal is really irrelivant. The original posting is about a student asking for information on a subculture sport for a presentation/project;

Originally Posted by spike666 View Post
Hello everyone on asc,
My name is Maria, I've just started this sport not to long ago, a friend introduced me to it, along with this website, he told me its the best place to find information. Also, very soon I'm getting age verified.

I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me out with something.
I'm doing a presentation for one of my C.E.G.E.P. classes (an anthropology class) on the sport of Airsoft. I'm hoping you guys might be able to give me a bit of the history of Airsoft in Canada.................
.......If you know any other site that could help me out also, that would be great!
thanks for all your help
The fact that she is a female is still irrelivant, it just means that this thread is getting more attention than if it had ben started be a guy, and until the point is reached where the thread gets out of hand it will not end up in the trash disposal.


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